Mar 042014

Pictures from the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

First up, the TSA

Who said woman don’t Bitcoin.

If you are attending the conference please come say hi at booth number 21. We will be sharing a space with and Fr33 Aid. Meghan will be moderating a charity panel at 9am on Thursday morning, and Sean’s Outpost will be hosting a charity luncheon at 12:20pm that afternoon. We also hope to see you at the first ever Bitcoincert!

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If you would like to help us defray the cost of traveling please feel free to chip in to the address below. Thanks!



Drew Phillips

- Activist, entrepreneur, freelance Videographer/Editor. Having been involved with a few alternative currency models revolving around silver and gold, it wasn’t hard to see bitcoin’s potential to challenge state run banking. After looking around the bitcoin space for a place to jump in, it made sense to start a coalition of bitcoin users with a Voluntaryist / libertarian perspective. Bitcoin will face many challenges in the next few years if it is to become a successful global currency, and due to the decentralized nature of the bitcoin protocol, it has the potential to overcome the biggest and most violent challenge faced by alternative currencies: the state.

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