Oct 102014
War is Some Bad S#!% with Angela Keaton and Scott Horton

Angela Keaton of AntiWar.com sits down in a Liberty.me event with Scott Horton from The Scott Horton Show to discuss how the foreign policy of the U.S. is tragically flawed and how war is some seriously bad shit. It’s a refreshingly frank interview packed with information. Angela will be speaking at the upcoming Libertopia festival in San Diego and Scott does a regular radio show with intriguing interviews on war and foreign policy. In reflection […]

Dec 022013
Bitcoin Bolsters Antiwar Activism: An Interview with Antiwar.com's Angela Keaton

On Veteran’s Day, I had the opportunity to interview Angela Keaton, the Director of Operations at Antiwar.com. About one year ago they began accepting donations in bitcoin, and it has helped greatly in their fundraising, especially after people became worried when it was revealed that Antiwar.com had been targeted by the FBI. Antiwar.com is an invaluable resource to the pro-peace community, and Angela covers a lot of ground in this interview. I’m very thankful for […]