Jul 142014
Non-monetary uses won't save Bitcoin...yet

I’ve spent a lot of my Bitcoin hater energy taking on explanations of how bitcoin is supposed to sustain its value despite having no use other than as a monetary instrument. But others will point out that one can, in fact, do other things with the Bitcoin system other than trade. This is good; I think Bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies in general, can potentially be saved by thinking in this sort of direction. Unfortunately, while some […]

May 242014
Pamela Morgan of Empowered Law and M.K. Lords discuss Blockchain Fueled Smart Law

Blockchain technology is changing the way we think of finance, payment systems, currency, charity, and even governance. Pamela Morgan runs Empowered Law, a law firm that focuses on dispute resolution and corporate contracts that takes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their services. The legal profession is mired with classism that divides the guilty and innocent by income and there are several movements to reform the system. Pamela’s focus with her practice as a lawyer and […]