Jan 172015
Dread Pirate Roberts Supporters Thrown for a Moral Loop

The radical libertarian world was just hit with a bombshell revelation the other day. Previously, the defense team of Ross Ulbricht surprised us by admitting that Ross was the originator of Silk Road, however they claim that Ross left the position after only a few months, handing it off to another entity. This “real” Dread Pirate Roberts, the one who ran the site for the the bulk of the time, eventually went on to drag […]

Oct 052013
CALL TO ACTION: A Mass Letter To Mainstream Media About Bitcoin

You may have noticed that the Silk Road take down has given the mainstream media another opportunity to equate bitcoin with illegal activity, which is bad for all of us. Part of Bitcoin Not Bomb’s mission is to help the bitcoin community take control of our own narrative, because allowing others to malign us in the public view creates the ammunition the State needs to justify it’s aggression. Combating the mainstream narrative is a critical component of protecting […]