Jul 072014
You can lead a horse to two factor...

… But you can’t take away their false sense of security. With the news of recent thefts in the bitcoin community it’s important to recognize who is truly at fault: the thieves themselves. That said, the news released today by Davi Barker about the theft of ShinyBadges.com’s Porcfest funds is a good opportunity to remind people about the best security practices available. Two-factor authentication is an important tool to understand and properly implement for your […]

Apr 062014
M.K. Lords interviews security expert and author Kristov Atlas

I recently got to sit down with Kristov Atlas, security expert, author, and host of the newly launched Dark News. In this interview we discuss what measures you can take to secure your Bitcoin wallet, innovations in blockchain technology, and take questions from the audience. You can follow Kristov’s work at Anonymous Bitcoin Book, Dark News on the World Crypto Network, and on Twitter and Facebook. For an excellent tutorial, check out fellow Bitcoin Not […]