Jul 132015
Nobody Wins Porcfest

Every year at Porcfest we seem to grow. This year we actually spilled over into a second vending site. On one site we had the Metalith, a vending machine equipped to receive and dispense bitcoin. On the second site we had the Voting Machine, a retrofitted slot machine intended as performance art to demonstrate that voting is gambling. The Metalith was a site to see, especially at night. The machine rested in a clearing on […]

Jul 182013

Market and peace advocates have been granted a tool of unimaginable power for the subversion of the state. Bitcoin, as the most popular free-market currency in the world, is a profound apparatus for wresting power from the maniacs who seek to control you. This panel discussion will cover the top methods by which you can free yourself and subvert the tyrants. Erik Voorhees – A writer, entrepreneur, and armchair economist, Erik Voorhees (originally from Colorado) […]

Jul 152013
Ben Stone videos from Porcfest X

Ben Stone, AKA “The Bad Quaker,” urges us to know our enemy and know ourselves and provides a vision of the pinnacle and subsequent death of the State. The following two videos where filmed at Porcfest X at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster, NH June 17-23, 2013 Ben Stone – Discovering & Defeating Statist Thinking – PorcFest X http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJlMTC7DRoM Ben Stone – Central Planning vs. Spontaneous Order – PorcFest X http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJn2cwEmtl0 Red Pill Recording volunteered their time to […]