Dec 182013
Folding, Sorting, Stuffing, and Packing Hoodies for the Homeless

The Bitcoin Bomber made a drop on my place last week and I was overwhelmed. It took all weekend, but now all the pre-orders are packaged and shipped, and all the hoodies to be distributed are pre-loaded with a pair of warm socks and our Bitcoin Quick Start Guide in the pouch. Special thanks to Ben Bartholomew and Bartholomew family who placed the largest order. Visit Good Men Do Something to check out their work.

Sep 092013
Help Us Hood The Homeless.

Since I got married in 2009 I’ve been volunteering with an organization called Project FEED. We get together once a month to assemble brown bag lunches and distribute them in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, which is known for it’s squalor. In the last four years I have seen the project expand from a small band of friends meeting in a small apartment, to an operation of several dozen volunteers, making sandwiches in an assembly […]