Nov 162015
Antiwar Haiku Contest

With the war in Syria underway and the tragic attacks in Paris, now more then ever it’s time for a call to peace. is the leading news site with Anti War news, reviews and activities, but we need your voice. Over the weekend Antiwar held a successful social media campaign with the hashtag #WhyIAmAntiwar; hundreds of people wrote in with answers to this incredibly important question. Now we aim to encourage even more creativity […]

Apr 212015
#DontExposeEvil And the winners are...

The winners are in! On a special video cast (strangle hosted on Google hangouts) the top 10 winners have been announced, here they are in order along with the video embedded below. and announcement video, So many great memes, thanks everyone! Liberty Is Rising. Darryl W. Perry Donzo Lysander Spooner FLActivist FTS Production Creative Destruction Feed Your Miner Positive Art for Bitcoin.     John N     Pete Eyre […]