Aug 282014
The Tactics of the BitLicense

“We’re not the kind of agency that thinks we have a monopoly on the truth and that we’re always right. We feel strongly about a lot of the provisions in the proposed regulations, but we get that there might be things we can improve.”  –Benjamin Lawsky Shortly following the proposed BitLicense, a significant portion of the bitcoin community wrote and signed a letter to the New York Department of Financial Services, pleading for an extension. […]

Aug 132014
The Declaration of Bitcoin's Independence

I’d like to introduce our readers to the talented and radical Julia Tourianski, also known as Brave the World. Julia will be submitting content occasionally and this is her debut video for Bitcoin Not Bombs. Her Youtube channel features some amazing videos and interviews and she worked extremely hard to put this video together. The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence video features the brightest and most outspoken names in Bitcoin many of which openly identify as […]