Apr 212015
#DontExposeEvil And the winners are...

The winners are in! On a special liberty.me video cast (strangle hosted on Google hangouts) the top 10 winners have been announced, here they are in order along with the video embedded below.  Notbeinggoverned.com and crypto-graphics.com Liberty.me announcement video, So many great memes, thanks everyone! Liberty Is Rising. Darryl W. Perry FPP.cc Donzo Lysander Spooner FLActivist FTS Production Creative Destruction Feed Your Miner Positive Art for Bitcoin.     John N     Pete Eyre […]

Mar 202015
Google #DontExposeEvil - Pro Peace Meme contest

Just two days ago Google suspended Antiwar.com’s Adsense account after citing a violation of its violence policy. The violation was from a non-functioning advertisement code embedded in a 11 year old blog post showing photos of torture and abuse from the Abu Ghraib military prison in Iraq. In a post yesterday from gawker.com, Google admitted to acting hastily by not providing a 72 hour warning of the violation. The email from the Google representative went on to indicate […]