Sep 042014
On the CoIntellect Cloudhashing Scam and the Currency of Reputation

My friend Nathan Wosnack of uBITquity recently got in touch with me to alert the community of a potential scammer. The cloudhashing site CoIntellect was going to hire him to explore a bug in their software that clients were complaining stole Bitcoin and Dogecoin from users who downloaded it. As he was researching, he discovered several sources claiming that CoIntellect was scamming people and concluded that the Estonia based company was indeed stealing coins from people. […]

Mar 212014
Most Recent Inspection Proves Sean's Outpost NOT In Violation of Codes

This week has been an interesting one for Sean’s Outpost. We celebrated our one year anniversary while at the same time learning that the Escambia Board of County Commissioners voted to petition for an injunction against Satoshi Forest that would force us to remove tents and other structures. The injunction was approved, but they will wait until the meeting with the magistrate on Tuesday before they issue it. Basically, the county wants to force homeless […]