Feb 112014
Escambia County Cops Attack Homeless Camp in Pensacola, FL

On Saturday evening, I received a phone call from Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost. He had gotten a report that Escambia County sheriff’s deputies had walked through the back entrance of a homeless camp located on DOT property and cut down tarps that were hung to protect tents from the elements. The officers aggressively entered the camp from the back, though there were clear entrances in the front parts of the camps. The officers, later […]

Oct 222013
Shire Sharing's Amanda Bouldin Provides Thanksgiving for the Needy with Bitcoin

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Bouldin at this years Porcfest X, where we hula hooped together and I experienced her delectable homemade ice cream. Amanda is also very active in New Hampshire and started Shire Sharing, an organization that provides Thanksgiving meals for the needy through donations. She details in this interview how Bitcoin has made the process easier to provide for those who in need and how agorism is an excellent alternative […]

Jul 172013
Eroding the Police State - Pete Eyre, Antonio Buehler, Jacob Crawford, Ademo Freeman, ParcFest X

Learn about the efforts of Cop Block, Cop Watch, and Peaceful Streets in this 2 hour conversation. Filmed Wednesday afternoon in the media room at PorcFest X. Learn about the efforts utilized by those active with Cop Block, Cop Watch, and Peaceful Streets, and join in an informal conversation to make more-likely a reality where the need for these projects is non-existent. Pete Eyre went to school for law enforcement but ultimately concluded that he […]