Jun 162014
PPD Writes Homeless Man $400 Ticket for Open Container

The Pensacola Police Department has a penchant for picking on the less fortunate. Whether it’s blanket stealing or good ole fashioned tarp slashing, both the city and the county police forces like to do a little harassment from time to time. Last Friday was no exception. On June 13th after the weekly Food Not Bombs food sharing, two officers approached a homeless man named Kevin who was sitting on a park bench drinking a beer. […]

Mar 012014
Bitcoin is Post-Privilege and Pro-Human Rights

With the media frenzy in full tilt after the closing of MtGox, there have been quite a few articles coming out declaring the death of bitcoin and an equal number reassuring us that it will be just fine. I won’t link to the former ones because they’re so painfully uninformed and rely on tired scare tactics. I have come across one article of a different vein, though, and it seeks to bring in the toxic […]