Jul 072014
You can lead a horse to two factor...

… But you can’t take away their false sense of security. With the news of recent thefts in the bitcoin community it’s important to recognize who is truly at fault: the thieves themselves. That said, the news released today by Davi Barker about the theft of ShinyBadges.com’s Porcfest funds is a good opportunity to remind people about the best security practices available. Two-factor authentication is an important tool to understand and properly implement for your […]

Oct 262013
The Bitcoin Group!

The Bitcoin Group is a production of  blogger and youtuber MadBitcoins. A play off of the popular evening news program The McLaughlin Group this half hour video is streamed live every friday afternoon at about 3 or 4pm PST. Host Thomas Hunt is joined by 3 panelist discussing current events and news stories in the bitcoin space. Below is the second episode and features technologist and entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Peace News now host Derrick […]