Jul 222014
How Bitcoin Can Stop War

This article first appeared at Antiwar.com and is by Roger Ver. Roger Ver gave this speech at Coin Congress in Singapore in May entitled “Why Bitcoin is Important for the World.” It is a sort of quick introduction into the world of Bitcoin and how Bitcoin can be a powerful tool to promote global understanding and help stop nations from conducting war. Hi everyone, my name is Roger Ver. I have a feeling I’m going […]

Dec 022013
Bitcoin Bolsters Antiwar Activism: An Interview with Antiwar.com's Angela Keaton

On Veteran’s Day, I had the opportunity to interview Angela Keaton, the Director of Operations at Antiwar.com. About one year ago they began accepting donations in bitcoin, and it has helped greatly in their fundraising, especially after people became worried when it was revealed that Antiwar.com had been targeted by the FBI. Antiwar.com is an invaluable resource to the pro-peace community, and Angela covers a lot of ground in this interview. I’m very thankful for […]