May 192014
World's Largest Maker Faire Needs Bitcoin

This past weekend I got the chance to go to the 9th Annual Maker Faire in San Mateo. Hundreds of vendors set up in several exposition halls, tents, and outdoor booths. There was a a dark room filed with tesla coils, lasers, lights, jelly fish, and more. Hundreds of families and children poured into the fairgrounds over the two day event. We spent several hours going up and down each row and had not even come close to seeing […]

May 132014
Cody Wilson and M.K. Lords Discuss Resistance to the State at Freedom Summit

I had the opportunity to sit down with Cody Wilson, the creator of the world’s first 3D printed gun and founder of Defense Distributed, at the Freedom Summit in Phoenix, AZ. We were both there to give talks on Bitcoin and the event was put on by radio host and friend of Bitcoin Not Bombs Ernest Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix and Declare Your Independence. In this interview we discuss philosophy, decentralized resistance, Dark Wallet, Defense […]