Roger Ver to match $10,000 of bitcoin donations for, again!

This past August, announced that Roger Ver would be matching up to $10,000 in bitcoin donations during the organizations summer fundraising drive. The drive was a successful one and that matching donation was seen on the block chain shortly after the conclusion of that effort. Now in a tweet sent out earlier this week Roger pledged once again that he would match up to $10,000 for bitcoin donations during this current fundraising drive.

This type of support is huge for this 20 year old organization. operates on a very thin budget and has a small but dedicated staff working in the trenches everyday combating the war time propaganda spouted by the mainstream media. If you find this a worth while cause and would like to help end the warfare state by spreading a message of peace and prosperity, please consider a tax deductible donation to today. You can learn more about all of the ways you can support this 501c3 organization at or have your bitcoin donation matched here at You can also verify the most current bitcoin address via

For this fundraising effort Bitcoin Not Bombs has deployed the “Peace bot”. A twitter application that will auto tweet donations to AntiWars public bitcoin address, follow along and shout out your donation as it’s live tweeted. Not only is this a fun acknowledgment of Antiwar’s bitcoin supporters but is also a great way to share the benefits of bitcoin with supporters who may have not yet looked in to the new peace currency.

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