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  1. Peace Haiku contest. Mine is two hundred twenty five. Twenty five is best.

  2. There are some really great Haikus above. I’m looking forward to the results.

  3. A signed copy of that book is a sweet prize. Good contest.

  4. Enough of this shit
    Mind your own fucking business
    Stop killing people

  5. 3rd place and first place get the same prize and second gets more?

  6. Google is the bully of the internet. They worked and are working very hard to maintain that reputation. They have the worst customer service model, basically: Fuck the customer.

    They can get away with it because they’re very good at what they do, but EVERYBODY is waiting for a good competitor to step into the scene and not deal with these guys anymore…

  7. you can check out my entries at jiangweisen.deviantart.com

  8. How do I enter?

    • Create a image or meme that is pro peace and expresses your thoughts on war and peace. You don’t need to reference the google story if you don’t want to. We are fairly open to your ideas on peace. Send as many memes as you wish to the email address above. Thanks and good luck!

  9. But who would bomb the roads?

  10. The Daniel Tamburello link – http//www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/member.aspx?member=377037 – is broken; its just missing the colon

  11. Sounds like you’re saying liberty people would support Ross even if he was ACTUALLY guilty of murder-for-hire. The lack of evidence surrounding these claims is what makes them so ridiculous and questionable, not the fact that his role in ending the drug war makes him to be a probably a good guy. It’s obvious the feds are making an example of Ross and so far it seems the murder-for-hire claims are part of that. I would not support Ross if those claims were true, which if they were, they wouldn’t have been dropped.

    Regardless if Karpeles is DPR or not, he’s still a jackass and if he can take the heat off of Ross, seems like a win-win. If Karpeles kept Silk Road up, that’s cool… doesn’t mean he’s not a jackass, though.

    • I did not mean to imply I would support Ross if he were guilty of murder. Glad you clarified that you wouldn’t either. However, part of my point is that it would be cause for disappointment if Silk Road were actually run by a bad person. Makes you wonder about whether to support the next Silk Road. Though, I guess you could say, you support the institution, acknowledging that the people in charge could be jerks.

    • Oh, I read “would” as “should”. No, I don’t really think I believe that liberty people would have supported Ross even if he were guilty of murder (though I did read a fair amount of rationalization on message boards, of it not actually being murder, even if it were true). However, I do think that him being guilty of murder is something we wouldn’t want to accept, because of what it would do to the hero status of DPR. So, since there’s some reasonable doubt, the defensiveness I cited in the article would lead to erring on the side of denying it.

      I feel like (and I say “feel” because this really is just based on intuition) the difference here is that people knew who Mark was, and already had a negative impression of him, so it wasn’t hard to see him as a villain despite being DPR. So in this article, I’m just trying to pull it together and point out that we’re actually now facing with Mark-as-DPR, that which we wouldn’t have wanted to accept before about Ross-as-DPR.

  12. Hey guys, I’m curious about when the hoodies will be shipped out.

  13. Are the sizes an American standard, what are the dimensions?

    Small, Medium, Large, X Large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL.


  14. What protection of Escrow if they’re saying they’ll just seize all your funds? Not to mention, are financially so unviable they can’t pay their employees.

    • CryptoThrift is not the only company since bitmit. Theres http://www.bidbit.co that offers a real eBay look and feel. I’ve used it and its works well. I sell on ebay and was surprised on how the features were so similar, i thought it was ebay’s or their bitcoin version of ebay but this site is independent.

  15. In the last week, my Bitcoin investment went up 25%. My IRA went down 10%.

  16. There are more ways best enumerated by the benefits Bitcoin enables.
    *funding of Wikileaks to improve transparency in bureaucracies*
    *decreasing corruption and fees, thus enabling low cost entrepreneurship to develop needed solutions*
    *defeating currency controls that keep disadvantaged humans trapped in despotic countries*
    *as a savings vehicle outside of “bail in” confiscations like happened in Cypress, and will happen elsewhere at bankster need*
    and so much more

  17. Great article! I’m glad I could help by providing you with A picture of the unusual suspect 😉

  18. I Google http://cointellect . ee/ scam in the search engine and landed on your site, why are you giving us a long speech, just say its a scam for such an such reason and give it a rating and who started the program, I didn’t ask for a long speech. just straight meat and potato, with some bulletin and pros and cons

    • Well the title implies an op-ed, so there’s going to be more opinion in it than a straight news piece which it is not. And there’s that whole other half of the title that reveals what I will talk about before I talk about it. I linked to all the meat and potato articles in this one, but they were also all prominently featured in a simple search. If you want news stories on bitcoin try CoinDesk or some other outlet.

  19. Hi – I think you should look into stealthcoin the technology they’re releasing is very impressive for anonymity and is not just a flash in the pan coin it’s seen a 300% rise in price in the last week and held it’s price.

    – Runs on TOR Network
    – Stealthtext SMS anonymous transactions
    – Blockchain obfuscation
    – Stealthsend


  20. Big fan of onename but typo-squatting is my biggest concern. Typos could be very costly indeed

  21. Could not have said it better, great read Chris !
    Wallets still suffer from poor UI and many elements need to be made much easier.
    A beautiful UI and an awesome user experience are not just pretty words when it comes to bitcoin market penetration and adoption. If keeping bitcoins safe is hard work and figuring out how to make a simple transaction forces the user to learn about hashes and digital signatures, we are doing something wrong.

  22. I am fashioning an article on this very subject, and would caution any further claims of corruption on cointellect’s part, as I’ve been in touch with it’s creators, and they are no more con artists than the long winded round about way you claim them to be, or as with many of the articles you elude to in what amounts to a highly volatile market. No more suspicious than from bitcoin’s mysterious pseudonym creator ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ And I’ve been commissioned to feature them per my own investigation. FREE OF CHARGE. Since I have followed the crypto markets since it’s infancy. While it appeals to me in essence, we will ALL be lucky to see ANY alternative currency standard if the world lasts that long – never mind the www. C+ Stay un-tuna’d
    They’ve released a strong warning to slanderous claims! Will also be highlighted^

  23. A well written manifesto on the coming wave of cyber-independence which is the greatest threat to power-hungry governments. Decentralization FTW!

  24. It’s simple the frauds tear bankers make money out of cash by enslaving us in debt currency ie cash with bitcoin they make nothing and because it’s debt free it’s a big risk to their greedy lard arses . Don’t allow them to regulate period because they will kill it and blame others , so they can keep the whole world enshrined in debt to infinity . The greedy monopolies of the private banks , which are not state owned even though they deceive us into believing this is a great big fraud in itself . Kill the bill period !!!!!!

  25. I posted this in /r/bitcoin, and I will summarize my post here.

    The ONLY regulations we should accept without protest are regulations that currently apply to cash. Anything above how cash is regulated should be met with vigorous & relentless protest from the entire bitcoin community.

    There is absolutely no reason at all to regulate bitcoin any more than cash is currently regulated, and the government cannot provide such a reason. None. Period.

  26. They got involved due to complaints from Bitcoiners for things like Mt. Gox, pirateat40, etc. so that is what caused it. Now you have a politician trying to make a name for himself. You need to thank the early Bitcoin businesses who screwed their customers and investors.

  27. Julia…. Isn’t there that possibility that the globalists that have enslaved us with our current banking system are probably participating in Bitcoin to eventually sabotage and crash the Bitcoin system? Back in April 2013, Infowars talked about this scenario, which makes a lot of sense. Start the video at 12:30. Can you address this question? How can we be assured that our money is protected? A crash is possible? Thanks!


  28. This is excellent! Thank you!

  29. Awesome work Julia

  30. Powerful. Red Flags apply to what those want that don’t understand it. False Flags apply to what those will do that fear it.

  31. You must not have a deep understanding of Bitcoin. Digital assets don’t require any amount of btc to make them. It’s like a mailbox can hold more than just postcards (which is btc), they can hold magazines, newspapers, and official letters (digital assets). Look at counterparty.co.

    Escrow services will be open source smart contracts and probably include a discount for using the store’s brand of Escrow, like you get discounts today with a store credit card.

    The future of bitcoin mining cannot be seen at all clearly today. 4 years ago no one saw ASICs coming. The next great innovation is just around the corner, is about all we can be certain of.

    • > You must not have a deep understanding of Bitcoin.

      This is true. I have not taken a lot of time to familiarize myself with Bitcoin. However I looked at a few pages in the wiki to give myself what I thought was enough understanding to make the points I needed to make here. I am not personally invested in understanding the technical details of how Bitcoin works because I don’t believe it will win in the long run; I’m on the opposite side of that debate. I’m more interested in the economic details of how Bitcoin *won’t* work. If I’m convinced against that, I’ll probably start looking more at the technical stuff.

      The “Theory” section of this article refers to a token amount of money being deposited on an ownership key: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Smart_Property Perhaps I misunderstood. If anything, though, your argument seems to bolster my point. It means that a given balance of the currency has no effect at all on the utility of the network. There’s no reason to think this gives value to the currency.

      As far as Escrow, whatever the scheme is, the point is that there’s again nothing tying an particular amount of bitcoin to the escrow service itself. If it’s going to be a discount, it’ll be a percentage discount, not an absolute discount. The value of the bitcoin is still ultimately based on the object being traded for, which again relies on bitcoin having value for being generally accepted on the market. Thus, it counters the point that escrow gives bitcoin value outside of trade itself.

      I’m not sure how your point about mining goes against my point. For the purposes of my point, I’m willing to accept a stable and predictable future of mining. If it’s unstable, it makes value via proof-of-work even less useful.

  32. Warcoin — trading Bitcoins in for Shadow Government cash: leveraging “dark pools” as explained by PhD Farrell: http://www. redicecreations .com/radio/2014/06/RIR-140606.php Note, Dr. Farrell doesn’t link Warcoin to the Shadow Government darkpools — that would be my speculation. Dr. Farrell describes how the dark pools came into being..

  33. “Did you just make this shit up Meghan?”

    Why yes, yes I did. If you followed the one link I provided for the Raytheon story you’ll notice it was published on April 1st. This was a joke on the dollar backed realcoin article published in the WSJ today.

    “You bitcoiners are so boring.”

    I am also aware of that. Maybe my attempt to spice things up with a little satire didn’t quite come through. Working on it.

  34. Not a single reference or citation to this “startup” or warcoins. Raytheon, JP Morgan Chase, BoA… Did you just make this shit up Meghan?

  35. You bitcoiners are so boring. In every discussion you are obsessed with altcoins.

    During the bitcoin bubble bitcoiners talked more about altcoins than bitcoin. Give me a break this is pathetic. Go help the ecosystem before this experiment dies

  36. Is the official statement available yet?

  37. Meghan is a wonderful moderator / journalist / humanitarian and a role model for her generation. Thx!

  38. When people say that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, they are missing the power of the blockchain and the ways it can and will revolutionize our society. Bitcoin makes me hopeful for the future again.

  39. Great Interview Meghan!

  40. PS
    Would someone (or Chris) please email me answers the questions I posted:
    1- Where does one keep the private key?
    2- How does one best create a strong password, how strong should it be, etc?

  41. Thanks for the fine piece. Here are some corrections (C), misprints (M), questions (Q) and suggestions (S):
    S: aimed at introducing new Bitcoiners to –> new Bitcoiners and new PGP users to
    C: so that the merchant view it –> so that the merchant can view it
    Q: You can encrypt whole folders –> where does one keep the private key?
    S: run through a hash function –> offer short description of, or reference to, hash function
    S: you can access GPG –> GPG is just a particular version of PGP
    S/Q: address, and a strong password –> suggest how best to create a strong password, how strong, etc.
    S: new certificate and a private key –> The certificate is a block of characters that is your public key
    S: on your keyring –> define keyring
    S: secure viewing system prior –> secure viewing system (ie an offline computer) prior
    S: over Tor –> define Tor
    M: sign the someone else’s –> sign someone else’s

  42. Lots of good information in this interview. Thanks!

  43. Vraiment interressant

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  57. I think New Loge is now accepting FeatherCoin as payment.

  58. Is there a status update? are there phone numbers, or fax numbers or links you can post so people can follow up and express our support for your position to the decisionmakers??

    • There will be an evidenciary hearing April 15th that I will be filming. We have been allowed a continuance, but the county is trying to make the case that we are in violation.

  59. This sounds like a good case for the “Institute for Justice” to look into. They provide free legal help.

  60. Be strong and stay focused. This resistance that they are putting up can only mean one thing, that they are afraid. Do not give an inch. You have more support than you know.


  62. Hopefully more people come to realize that the government is not your friend.

  63. Get a State Judge to issue an injuction against enforcement of this action by the Country Board

    • Thanks for your input, Andreas. We are looking at all options and have an awesome attorney who pulls no punches. We’ll do what we have to do. The good news is that the more they do stuff like this, the worse they look. It doesn’t get much worse than being known as “the town that steals blankets from the homeless.”

    • I think Andreas has the right idea.

  64. Brilliant article, incredibly informative, easy to follow and well written! Keep up the fantastic work.

  65. How do you view the position of the traditional banking system towards Bitcoin?

    • I think there’s a lot it can learn from looking at Bitcoin as a payment system. It’s easier for people to use, doesn’t require physical addresses or IDs, so it’s great for the unbanked. While the legacy banking system still has a monopoly on how people store their money, I think the generations coming up are increasingly distrustful of banks and are looking for something new to replace them. Bitcoin would be a great solution in that regard.

  66. That being said, the Strasser piece is clearly ridiculous and insulting in a wide variety of ways. Thank you for writing a thorough rebuttal!

  67. Thank you Freya, this is exactly what I wanted to say here. While I agree that even in totally ideal situations you will likely see some “natural division of labor” between men and women… firefighters, early childcare, etc. However, I believe the vast majority of these differences are taught.

    I have lived in several different countries and found that in some places a particular occupation is considered a womans job while in another country the same job is considered to be mens work.

    It seems to me that there is a good argument to be made that very technical work suits women very well. This type of work can often be done as an independent contractor and from home. This suits women who are dramatically more likely to experience interruptions in their ability to adhere to a 9-5 corporate schedule.

    • I think it is both choice and societal influence and they are closer to equal factors than one over the other. I often see the choice aspect downplayed when it should be given weightier consideration. But, I do think whichever it is, gender inequality is decreasing at the fastest rate in history, so there is some hope for the future.

      I definitely agree with your point about cultural differences being an influencing factor in job selection; it is interesting to look at the broader range of societies to get a clearer picture of where the US falls in.

      There are a growing number of female programmers, too. The women involved in Bitcoin are awesome and yes the work is great for career women or stay at home mothers or anyone in between. Bitcoin helps women achieve financial independence and job flexibility, so it definitely is beneficial in this regard. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  68. Very good rebuttal to the Think Progress piece. I’ve linked to it in my own response here http://www.computernewbie.info/wheatdogg/bitcoin-not-just-for-the-privileged-few and left you a LTC tip.

  69. The majority of homeless people are white males because of privilege.

  70. Great article Meghan, though I would like to pull you up one one point that I feel very strongly about, the suggestion that the division of labour in male and female areas is dictated purely by choice. This is in fact entirely to do with societal norms which are imposed, very aggressively sometimes, through the media and our communities. Just look at the ‘Let Toys be Toys’ campaign to see what work still needs to be done. Best.

  71. This article gave me cancer. All of the charitable work being done with BTC is merely a band-aid for the much larger social issues in the world caused by capitalist relations of production.

    • capitalism is statist, Bitcoin doesnt require the states violencia that makes those relationships involuntary.

    • It’s not a band aid to the thousands helped in the past five years through charitable giving. Bitcoin is not a band aid to Jesse and the other homeless who now have a home because of it. When people worldwide adopt a new system of payment that solves remittances problems and misallocated foreign aid it will very much be a solution not a band aid.

      When you say capitalist, you are referring to state monopoly capitalism, not voluntary trade through free markets. Bitcoin destroys the former and supports the latter and it is through open trade and borders that the working classes and other impoverished people can gain a foothold in global markets and thrive.

      It’s easy for people to discount the work being done by the Bitcoin community, but I assure you as someone who spends hours talking with people Bitcoin has helped, it is incredibly insulting and classist to the underprivileged that you would refer to their success as a “band aid.” But please, continue to make broad, uninformed assumptions.

      And funny you mention cancer, Bitcoin is working on funding a cure for that as well: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-funds-cancer-research-project/

  72. The part of the article I was probably the most offended by is:

    > The sum total of these things — advanced knowledge of computer science, wealth — are also markings of the young, white male.

    She seems so busy channeling her own ideology that she does not even realize that she just basically claimed that young white males are inherently better at computer science. Way to demonize an entire field, add a dose of anti-intellectualism, and simultaneously spit on the work that the very feminists that you in theory support are spending so much time on trying to make comp-sci more friendly to both genders.

    • Great point. There’s an awful lot of accidental racism sprinkled throughout too. I hope she realizes how she comes across to women of color and men. An ideology like that often ends up eating its own tail.

      • I agree 100%. Im totally offended by that article..especially as Haitian-American male teaching myself JavaScript coding…Im no fucking victim!!

  73. Not a good experience for sure, let’s hope this was an aberration and not the norm…I think eventually the public will start to be better informed and these issues will pop up less and less.

  74. I am just amazed at some of the comments I see on these articles .
    My consternation is some with TSA but really ignited by these sheep minded establishment freaks that can apparently vote too ? The label ” Something to gain Tory ” comes to mind . I would fund your travel and grubstake if I could afford it to a country that would appreciate your cattle like attitude . What a disappointment .

  75. You wore a shirt about bombs and money laundering in front of people whose job it is to intercept both, and you’re shocked that they singled you out for special attention?

    • So…how is a Bitcoin *Not* Bombs shirt in any way related to bombs or money laundering? I get the feeling you have no idea what you are talking about.

  76. I’ve got a blackphone as well.

    For email bitmessage with the bitmessage.ch mail gateway is working great.

    Though I will look into Lavabit again.

  77. If you’re going to be a pain in the TSA’s ass, you should expect them to be a pain right back. And you shouldn’t be a whiny, pansy-assed faggot whose voice quavers because somebody asked you if your pins were bit coins.

    Seriously… you’re pathetic.

  78. You may wish to consult with an attorney. The TSA has been warned many times that they are *not* CBP and have no authority to question people for bringing cash through the checkpoints. They insist on doing so anyway. IMO, your civil rights were violated because you were seized (even if for mere seconds) in furtherance of an objective that is outside the boundaries of a TSA checkpoint search.

  79. Too many people are trying to download your file from google drive and I got an error message.

    Upload the voice recording somewhere else!

  80. I just ordered a blackphone.ch today.

    I really thought there would never be another genuine good reason why I would need to buy another smartphone after the current one I have (I am on about my 15th).

    H/T Snowden & Levison for waking me up.

  81. Thanks for attending the Free State Project’s 2014 Liberty Forum in Nashua, New Hampshire. Are you going to be at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in June?

  82. No, Simon, you would go through TSA like a slave, kissing your prison-guards’ behind all the way, validating their misappropriated power, and encouraging their abuse. Thanks, Simon. You’re a real man.

  83. Bitcoin never can leave the blockchain… there is no way to put them in your bag:-)

  84. The salient point here is that as long as you’re not carrying a bunch of Bitcoin paraphernalia you can very easily travel with it.

    I keep all mine in my brain most of the time. All the X-ray scans in the world aren’t going to detect that.

  85. please upload the audio to soundcloud. I’m getting an error that it’s been downloaded too many times from google drive.

  86. Soon, bitcoin owners may be forced to flight only with private planes, courtesy of Virgin Airlines…

  87. No wonder they have to resort to intimidation tactics, without them the near complete lack of understanding would show them for the fools they are.

  88. I am sure you had a bad attitude though. I would go through TSA like a bro. They would probably buy me a drink for the trouble.

    Learn how to buy Bitcoin and Altcoins at crypto-coins.org

    • Why are you sure I had a bad attitude? I frequently blog my encounters with the TSA and people often comment how good an attitude I have. That was why Wes made me Rebel of the Week for Silver Underground in 2012, because my attitude was not bombastic, and as a result quite effective. In fact, my encounter with the pat-down guy in this encounter was very positive.

    • spam…

  89. What an amazing encounter. Thank you for documenting this, Davi. Although it must have been scary in the moment, it’s kind of laugh-out-loud-funny to me that the agent saw your hoodie and thought to himself, “Ah, ha! Today’s your day, Joe! You are going to impress everyone with this find. This loser thinks he can just pass right through undetected, but I know better. I recognize those bitcons I’ve been hearing about. The dude is wearing a picture of the things falling from a plane. Not on my watch, buddy. ‘Step aside, Mr Barker. I’m gonna need to have a look inside your bag.’ Hehe, got him!”

  90. Patrick you’re so tall you don’t fit in the video.

  91. Great interview

  92. what about Silk Road beeing hacked, and all the wallet’s money stolen ?
    they claim it’s a transaction malleability exploit.

    • That’s what they claim. It seems suspicious, I think it’s likely that the admin stole the coins and used malleability as cover.

      The only way you could lose coins like that is if they used and auto-resend when the tx failed. Which btw apparently that’s what MtGox was doing. So I don’t know I suppose it’s possible.

      • Well they furnished very detailed explanation of the issue along with the transactions records… so I assume it would be pretty hard to fake it no ?

  93. I think calling this an “attack” by police is overstating the situation. These officers certainly behaved badly. If people have lived there for 13 months, it’s ludicrous to expect them to relocate within 24 hours! I think communities need to have designated camping areas for these people. Over in Fort Walton Beach, there is talk of doing so. Where can they go that they won’t be trespassing? They need a safe compound. Other cities have created such compounds. Pensacola needs to find a solution.

  94. You can contact Mike directly to help with Sean’s Outpost. Email me and i will give you his contact info. meghan@bitcoinnotbombs.com. Donations of food, clothing, and time are always appreciated. Thanks for wanting to help.

    • The handwritten letter describes a lot of true and clear points. Bottom line America should,need to take care of their own first and for most. How are the cops going to rationalize kicking a man when he’s already down,HOW can this be happening? Somebody just shoot me!

  95. This is so sad that these officers would do this. I hope one of their loved ones or even them for themselves are never found in a homeless situation! What can we do as a community or individual to help the people at Sean’s outpost? I have asked many and posted many comments asking how can we help to make sure they are able to stay thier and i never get a response!

  96. If what Rick Falkvinge said is source of a problem, then at least MtGox is still solvent in bitcoin terms (unless they were running fractional reserve or lost part of their storage to some other f..ups and tried to blame hackers). All they need to do is to update their software so it starts sending valid transactions.

  97. This is sapiosexual porn.

  98. women + bitcoin = hot

  99. good article Chris

  100. This article is amazing Meghan!

  101. I overheard officer smith in west Florida hospital talking to another deputy how he beat up a guy..bragging about it..and how he’s an mma fighter and really letting his authority get to his head..I love the police.my grandpa was a police officer..but when I seen smiths face in this video I automatically recognized him…he doesn’t need to be a police officer

  102. Do no use cashintocoins.com. Three weeks ago I sent them a payment for 200USD and after a string of emails and them king for two valid forms of id from me, they have not sent me my BTC. Do not use the.

  103. nice finaly one who can see better!!
    the txid problem is known sins 2011 and dont affect
    transaktions inside the blockchain only the transactions inside
    exchanger and onlinewallet provider can contact the
    bitcoin foundation to help them with custom implementations.
    but anyways,dont use exchangers as a bank.
    build a bridge and walk over it or buy gold with bitcoin.
    a long time ago they used gold and silver coins ,today we have paper
    and feed the cabal.
    remember remember…….

  104. “outsiders looking in”
    sounds like some kind of elite club or a religious cult. fail.

    • Did you read the original article? Because that statement is based on my interpretation of what the author wrote. It seemed like it came from an uninformed perspective.

  105. Bitcoin has too many disadvantages to be a tool of the intelligence community. It is so insecure that it is easily stolen. It’s not nearly as anonymous as its advocates claim. Here’s proof: http://alfidicapitalblog.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-serious-disadvantages-of-bitcoin.html

  106. Thanks for the article! Personally, as a woman in bitcoin, I’ve never found talking or writing about gender that interesting. Also, I have never come across with any kind of hostility because of my gender (never made a point about it either). It’s just my own experience, but technological communities in general are the least sexist places I can think of.

    • Thank you, Mari. Same here. Many women who are active in bitcoin have shared similar sentiments about how accepted they feel in tech fields. It’s worth noting the people complaining the most are outsiders looking in and making broad generalizations based on their own prejudices. More men in a field =/= rampant misogyny.

      • I’m not an “outsider looking in”, but an insider with years of experiencing sexism and misogyny in tech. And yes, I do complain, such as all coder, engineering and startup women I know. It would be nice to know where your “people complaining the most” data & “More men in a field =/= rampant misogyny” comes from. There’s quite a lot of data that proves your statements wrong, so I would be very interested to know what you’re basing your opinions on.

        • It sounds like you exude hostility and interpret the hostility you evoke in others as sexism.

        • If you have some statistics I would gladly look at them. I think it is also important to distinguish the bitcoin sphere from the larger tech sphere. I’m basing my opinions on how I have been treated by male bitcoiners, which is respectfully. Bitcoin is an emerging technology, so I doubt there are many statistics on how women are treated excessively poorly by the community since it has only been five years since Bitcoin has come on the scene. It has also drawn a wide variety of activists who specifically care about fostering a fair environment, so again I think it is important to look at bitcoin separately from the general tech environment.

  107. I’m a man, and I approve this message.

  108. what an incredibly moronic article.

    • I know right. Any idiot can hold a fundraising drive, find sponsors, and organize volunteets. But only a stone genius can make snarky comments about it

  109. But there maybe other improvements in the future that today no one can think of – if not today, or not today in 50 years, then in 100 years or 150 years and so.

    Never forget, “experts” and gurus one said: “Airplanes do not have any military use case”

  110. “So in other words, Bitcoin can’t adopt a quantum-resistant signature scheme at the moment if we want to scale beyond present capacity.”

    You are forgetting the other options. NTRU, McEliece, and even Fawkes signatures.

    Especially Fawkes signatures are incredibly simple and works perfectly with Bitcoin except for the enforced delays – it’s based on a commitment chain.

    Together with a secure timestamping mechanism that allows you to prove which message is the oldest – and that’s EXACTLY what Bitcoin is thanks to it’s blockchain! – Fawkes signatures are secure.

    Here’s how to do it:

    To start out, you create a secret “codeword” that you create a commitment to = you hash it. You publish the hash as your address.

    To spend from it, you create a message that reveals the codeword, the message of choice and that commits to a new codeword – and you publish the *commitment* to this message first, waits until it’s far enough back in the blockchain (to make sure no attacker can create a longer fork of the chain that replaces your commitment), and THEN you publish the full message.

    After this you can repeat the whole thing, just commit to a message that reveals the new codeword, has the new message of choice and that commits to a new codeword, wait, then publish the new message.

    Now you have a secure and computationally efficient (but temporally inefficient) signature scheme.

    www .cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/Papers/fawkes. pdf‎

    • Thanks Natanael I’ll check it out.

      Also, this site seems to have a list of every academic paper on post-quantum cryptography ever written.

      It seems to me though, that since hash functions are already heavily used and scrutinized, the hash-based systems are probably more ready for prime time than the others. Although I can’t really speak to the security of the others, the papers are very dense and hard to read. I’m sure that by the time quantum computers become a problem more of a consensus of the best algorithms will form.

      • Fawkes is pretty ingenious, especially now that you have the block chain. But the time delays likely would prevent it’s use for transactions.

    • its a cool idea but it would fundamentally change bitcoin if i understand it correctly. sending coins would no longer occur in a single broadcast as happens now. instead it would require one broadcast of the hashed transaction and then a later broadcast of the pre-hashed transaction as proof of authenticity. this would mean that the spender would need to connect twice to the network to broadcast the two messages.

      i do like the simplicity of this method though compared to ecdsa. it would be nice to see it implemented as an altcoin. or even as an alternative signature algorithm in parallel to ecdsa in the blockchain. i wonder if it would require modifications to the protocol at all? i guess a single spend would require two transactions instead of the current single one – the first for the hash and the second to reveal the pre-hash…

    • Just read that McEliece has a key size of over four million bits. O.o

    • @Natanael you know the last time I looked into NTRU I must have misread it. I was under the impression that the public keys and signatures were large, around 1700 bytes, and more than most hash-based signatures. But looking at it again, it 1700 bits. Still larger than ECDSA, but only about 20% of the size of CMSS.

      Combine that with verification speeds which are around <20% of ESCDA and it looks pretty good.

      The security seems questionable, however. The paper below is from 2009 and it talks about an attack against signatures that allow private key recovery after as little as 400 signatures. It says use of NTRUSign is strongly discouraged. But it does offer up a possible solution and calls for more research.

      I'm not sure if more has been done on it in the years since. I'll have to look into it more. Either way, these type of newer public-key encryption schemes like lattice and multivariate quadratic, need much more real world experience to build confidence in them.


  111. The quantum computer is the current the Manhattan Project. Don’t underestimate this threat.

  112. what a fantastic article!

  113. Awesome post. Puts my mind at ease at least for a few years. And I am left in awe how satoshi seemingly anticipated this and opted to use the hash as the address.

  114. Chris Pacia made an additional “accidental point” regarding bitcoin vs. gold:

    In an EMERGENCY or any serious “crisis” especially the emerging horrifying reality of global warming related environmental crisis’ like Katrina or Sandy…well..Bitcoin is literally, Unequivocally..even irrefutably:


    No Power? No “Digital Currency”!

    No “Network”? No “BTC”!


    Whereas most probably are aware that Gold is now the “Gold standard” for “End Times Paranoia” or even realistic and quite prudent “Preparedness” regimens.

    But “Storing Bitcoins For Use In A Crisis” is a literal “Joke” (am I the first to tell it?).

    Frankly as anyone who’s survived real crisis may tell you..gold too is a sort of poor thing to store…you are literally better off storing Food, Water, Tylenol, Toilet Paper, Batteries and Tampons.. as they have a much higher “ROI” in a Crisis than “Precious Metals”..but “Digital Currency” has literally “Zero Value” sans the entire (And quite complicated) network that is Required for it to function at all.

    Just sayin…

  115. Thank You!

    Surprisingly..actually Amazingly hard to find info. In fact the simple reality that Glenn Greenwald OR Snowden Or Poitras (sic?) have Not as yet released Snowden’s (A Hero of Jeffersonian proportions) “PGP Guide” that he sent to Greenwald is…truly not just “Sad” but speaks volumes as to the …’lack of awareness’ of the grim reality and life/death seriousness of RESISTANCE that is now literally mandatory in America and the world..they’re (Greenwald et al) still…still…sadly..pretending that this is ‘just politics’ or ‘the pendulum’….its not! So Thanks! Its still pretty complicated for general ‘soft users’ like myself…but I’m getting there…

  116. Thanks Yorgos,
    Yes public key, will fix.

  117. Hey, well written article, well done! Privacy has become a hot topic nowadays even for simple internet users.

    Are you sure you meant to write “Meet in person. If someone physically hands you their private key, “..I think what you intended to write was “Meet in person. If someone physically hands you their public key, ”


  118. Nice. Well written. I’ve been using PGP/GnuPG since PGP was first released, and I hoped you hadn’t tried skipping anything important in order to make a shorter article.

    Thank you. You do the world a great service with such a well written article.

  119. Greetings. I came upon this post from Murphy’s blog and had to think on it a long while.

    Do I understand correctly that you believe the price of a store of value is capped by its commodity “use-value” to the highest bidder? And if it exceeds this price, it is a bubble?

    If so, why? Why can’t people value some commodity primarily as a store of value, and have its value for preserving wealth drive the price higher than anyone would be willing to pay for a non-monetary use? It seems that by your definition, this would be a bubble. But why is value derived from desirable monetary properties less “legitimate” than commodity use?

    Very wealthy people who need a way to store their wealth can value some things highly just because those things are valuable.

    • Hello Matt,

      I’m sorry I’m responding so late, my inbox got crowded. I hope you get an email notification so you can get a chance to respond to me if you want.

      “Why can’t people value some commodity primarily as a store of value, and have its value for preserving wealth drive the price higher than anyone would be willing to pay for a non-monetary use?”

      I think part of the issue is that a lot of people hand-wave the concept of a “store of value”. Let’s think carefully about what that phrase might mean. Value is not an intrinsic property of the item (as Bitcoin proponents often point out). It is a phenomenon of reaction to the item by an individual. Does storing somebody’s reaction to an item, within the item, have any sort of coherent meaning? No; to say “this object stores value” is shorthand for “I expect somebody to value this object a certain amount, at a certain later time”. So it requires a certain amount of expected future demand. “Valuing something for its ability to store of value” is pure speculation, though it may not be obvious from the way it’s phrased. So you must now ask what one is speculating on. If you’re speculating on selling at a price in the future that will be above the future highest consumer bid, you’re in a bubble. (and if you *know* it’ll be above the highest consumer bid and expect it to work anyway, you’re in a Greater Fool bubble)

      Now, all that said, since I’ve been lazy about actually responding until now, I’ve had a while to ponder what you asked. And I have come up with one interesting counterexample to my claim, which sortof fits your description. The assumption I make for this article, which is not a good general assumption, is that when people value something its ability to store value, they expect to be able to sell at the same price. In reality, people may hold onto Gold with the expectation that it will drop in price, because they feel that every other alternative is worse. I may value Gold today at $1100/oz today because I hope and expect to sell it in 5 years for $1000. If, over those 5 years, the highest bidding consumer is $1000, I am bidding the price of Gold above the highest consumer bid because of its ability to store value, and yet I would say this is *not* a bubble, because nothing will break my expectations, I fully expect to take a loss.

      Now, this scenario creates a twist – what if there are thousands of people like me, constantly doing the same thing? We could bid the “store-of-value” price of Gold to, say, $1300, and *keep* it there, if there’s a steady flow of us. So in 5 years, I could sell for $1290 and do better than I expected. There’s no bubble because if it dropped to $1000 I wouldn’t be disappointed. This is sophisticated to evaluate, and it’s probably left to a real economist. Time value of money I think is an important factor in examining this. The notion of price “stability” is an arbitrary construct, I think. Prices matter in time. (Really, you wouldn’t denominate such an investment in USD because I could just be better off holding onto the USD. It makes more sense to price it in some commodity that degrades over time. “I have 3000 apples now. I’d rather have 2500 apples in the future. I’ll trade it for gold in the mean time.”)

      But at any rate, I think that it’s reasonable to say that nobody would be interested in “storing a value” of zero. So, this doesn’t save Bitcoin. Even in the above scenario, I’m speculating that Gold will “store” *something*. If Bitcoin “stores” something, it’s purely because of other speculators, which makes it a bubble.

  120. And here I said I was careful with my use of price and value, and I screwed them up in my second paragraph :P. Should be:

    Bob says, “If bitcoin is in a bubble for being above commodity price, so is all currency” and I’m saying, “No, Bitcoin is not in a bubble *just* for being above commodity price. It depends *why* it’s above commodity price.”

  121. What I think your missing Dan, and Bob’s main point, is that your “Greater Fool” speculation cannot explain money. According to this theory money must be in a bubble since it trades well above it’s commodity value.

    But the reason it does so because of the convience it provides in trade. Using gold as a medium of exchange was clearly more convient than barter. Hence, gold historically derived a demand that exceeded it’s use value. Since gold doesn’t trade as money today it’s interesting to speculate about it’s current value but I think much of that is due to risks imposed by central banks and the potential that gold could once again trade as money in an emergency scenario.

    The value of bitcoin clearly is the result of speculation that its use as a medium of exchange will increase in the future. Therefore I don’t think the term bubble is appropriate anymore than it is appropriate to call dollars a bubble.

    • So, it seems like you’re missing my main point. And Bob is much more succinct, he gets much more to the point than I do so it’s probably easier to miss my point than his.

      Bob says, “If bitcoin is in a bubble for being above commodity price, so is all currency” and I’m saying, “No, Bitcoin is not in a bubble *just* for being above commodity value. It depends *why* it’s above commodity price.”

      And I can explain it *in terms of* commodity value. Note my careful use of the word “price” and “value”. It doesn’t make sense to say that gold’s “commodity value” is $250. Valuation is a personal phenomenon, not a group phenomenon. All you can say is that its (hypothetical) “commodity price” is $250. Value, on the other hand, is an individual phenomenon. Value determines the price an individual *would be willing* to pay. The aggregate of individual valuations settles in a *price*.

      If, given the *exact* same valuations, the supply were to be disturbed by people removing items from the market, the *price* would increase. Only higher bidders would be able to buy. And my point is, if people buy *only* for the purpose of “preserving value”, that decreases the supply, and raises the price. That person can later sell directly to a consumer. There are no fools in that scenario.

      Similarly, a speculator could buy at a price *way* higher than the hypothetical consumer market. If the speculator is correct in their predictions, and dollars inflate, they can again sell *directly* to a consumer post-inflation, with a wide profit margin.

  122. I think that there’s an interesting phenomenon, wherein the governments of countries on the one hand want to subvert the population for its own benefit, but on the other hand want the population to thrive in order to extract taxes, and be more powerful than competing countries.

    China would probably love to be North Korea and ban the Internet outright in order to control their citizens, but it would put them so far behind the U.S. economically that it would be a losing proposition. Perhaps Bitcoin will be in a similar position. The U.S. loses some power over its citizens by allowing Bitcoin, but the economic boon (if I were to put aside my economic objection to Bitcoin) may make it tempting for them in overtaking China. Perhaps it’ll take a crisis for them to flash-deregulate. Then, in response, China may follow.

  123. Let me know if you figure out how to demolecularize gold into 0s and 1s like in Tron. Then you will have the value to dethrone bitcoin. But until that day bitcoin is here to stay despite any ups and downs. Good article. Like you suggested you should look a little more into proof of work. Go buy some mining equipment and participate in the economy and you may just improve your understanding of it.

    • > Like you suggested you should look a little more into proof of work.

      Just be sure that you mean this in the right sense. This only works in the rare case where there’s value in proving that you wasted resources doing something, such as in a spam filter. In that case, the value of proof of work is backed by its utility in spam filters, and the value in an amount of bitcoin is being able to demonstrate a proof of work.

      However, if you’re referring to the fact that proof of work that is required to make the Bitcoin system work, then you *are* calling on the Cost Theory of Value as I described above. It doesn’t matter how neat or sophisticated it is, Bitcoin’s dependency on proof of work means the value of proof of work is backed by whatever Bitcoin’s value is, and not the other way around.

      > Go buy some mining equipment and participate in the economy and you may just improve your understanding of it.

      Until I become an aerospace engineer, I won’t be able to build an airplane or explain how it works. But if you present a design that relies on breaking the laws of thermodynamics, I believe I’m in the position to raise an eyebrow.

      I’m somewhat interested in the technology (it really is very cool), but for the moment I’m more interested in the economics. If I somehow get turned around on that, I’m sure I’ll get plugged in.

  124. How much is non-US shipping? When I order I get to the payment page, but it doesn’t mention shipping rates. Would love to get a hoodie in South Africa!

  125. As a system’s analyst & bitcoin enthusiast, let me assure those with “fiat fears” that bitcoin is a major world currency in 2020 and that it’s strength will cause any government with a BRAIN to adopt it as the global standard & monetary PAR. That said. Goodbye Fed…

  126. That’s actually a pretty clever idea; advertising using clothing for the homeless. I just heard about this on Freetalklive.

  127. Hello my name is Maria and I live in Hayward CA, every month we have the privilege to serve at shelters and at the train station where we feed the homeless and family that struggle to put food in there mouths. We have been doing this for 3 years and love it. We like to give them something like blankets, stocks, scarfs,bennies, gloves. This year we would like to give them hoodies so, I was wondering if you knew a place that would donate such a thing. I look forward to hearing from you

  128. I think I’m going to sell all my bitcoins to http://www.btc2cash.net and just wait for the Bubble that you guys talked about to pop. Then after it pops I’ll just buy back in and try and hopefully make a few more coins.

  129. Is this campaign still active?
    The website has been down all day: hoodiesforthehomeless org

  130. I want to help with this. I am helping a young man that was struck by an SUV while ridding his bike. I am including my email and will provide more info after you’ve written me back. This is real and some crap. I only came under ground to locate someone or a community that understands Mat’s situation. I am prepared to be investigated by anyone will to help Mat and to help me to keep leading the way for him. On his donation page you will find all news coverage as well as a well thought out plan for his future. Please take the time to share or contact me if you have any questions and or concerns.



  131. That is absolutely the coolest thing. The hardest part is choosing which place to donate to!

  132. Fantastic article! Great explanation for those who question Bitcoin’s integrity!

  133. We at Frost Homestead sell fertile chicken eggs through the mail for bitcoin. Check us out at facebook.com/frosthomestead

  134. Law makers howl at the moon, Bitcoin user unaffected.

  135. this is so great! much love to my Pensacola fam! -Landon. (Former Pensacola resident and Pensacola FNBer.

  136. Davi,

    I just got the Bitcoin not Bombs T-shirt. Thanks.

    One negative comment: The back is atrocious. Everyone’s got to eat, but the ads overwhelm the slogan. That slogan is the point of the whole shirt! It’s sad, because the front is so strikingly beautiful.

    At least, put a little space between the slogan and the ads next time, OK?

    Good luck in all you’re doing.

    Dan Kuttner

  137. I really really want to buy some of these t-shirts please!

  138. Your place to exchange Bitcoins … For more than past two years it was our pleasure to run one of the biggest P2P Bitcoin exchanges. bitcoin exchange

  139. I have been thinking about doing a fork of the bitcoin code to create just such a decentralized database, but for general use.

  140. Did you hear about the ‘dust’ patch? You cant send that little any more!

  141. So glad I found this blog.

  142. Bitcoin is not very practical since you still have to convert money to get it. So how can that be practical?

    • Not true. I have moved hundreds of Bitcoin and never spent a single dollar to acquire them. They are just like money. You can except them as payment for labor and services, or in exchange for goods and products.

  143. Hey! The topmost twitter icon points to twiiter.com

  144. I should post the video on the site Rick but you can view the full hour long talk on

  145. Hey guys! You should help spread the word about your cause by opening a store on Coingig.com! There are many buyers there that are looking new for products to purchase.

    • Thanks, I have a store on your site, Im selling the BitMit Sticker and some of the Shinny badges pins, nothing has sold yet, but Im open to using it for BNB after we finish the first round of shirts.

  146. Hope to see video of this later! Wish I could be there.

  147. Just wanted to encourage you guys to grab a shortlink at http://bit.co.in

    Makes it easier to ask for donations & other payments.

    In particular three letter ones may be gone rather sooner than later.


  148. The Blog is in the cloud!

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