Dread Pirate Roberts Supporters Thrown for a Moral Loop

The radical libertarian world was just hit with a bombshell revelation the other day. Previously, the defense team of Ross Ulbricht surprised us by admitting that Ross was the originator of Silk Road, however they claim that Ross left the position after only a few months, handing it off to another entity. This “real” Dread Pirate Roberts, the one who ran the site for the the bulk of the time, eventually went on to drag Ross back in to frame him when he felt the heat from the Feds. Well, now the plot thickens; the defense team is naming a name: long time MtGox operator Mark Karpelès, the one who held the reins when it collapsed and who a lot of people are bitter towards. Furthermore, they have evidence to that end, as a federal agent testified that Mark was their original lead before they went after Ross.

This initially seems like a cause for small celebration. Here is a chance that Ross Ulbricht can be free, or at least substantially reduce the sentence he is liable to receive. But let’s slow down for a second because I think we’ve lost a little moral clarity here. It seems that at a certain point, the focus drifted from supporting the alleged heroic operator of the legendary Silk Road marketplace to supporting one Ross Ulbricht. Only allegedly the same thing, as some libertarians are quick to point out. According to the defense team of our hero Ross, the “real” Dread Pirate Roberts, operator of Silk Road marketplace, is Mark Karpelès. Well, if we’re in this because we support the Silk Road, shouldn’t our support now turn toward Mark?

There are now only two approaches to take with regard to Mark. Either we can be happy he is taking the heat off of Ross or not happy. Suppose we’re happy. This is, after all, a guy who ran MtGox into the ground, caused many people to lose a lot of bitcoin, and, as some suspect, even ran off with a lot of btc himself. Even if we don’t support people going to jail for facilitating drug sales, we can perhaps be content in this sort of poetic justice. If Ross, the human being, is found not guilty or responsible for being Silk Road’s operator, we still of course can cheer that an innocent man is allowed to be free, or have a reduced sentence for his reduced role. But wait – then we’re conceding that the real heroic Dread Pirate Roberts, operator of the legendary Silk Road marketplace, is in fact not a hero. Suddenly we’re happy to see him behind bars. Remember how defensive we were when Ross was charged with soliciting a murder-for-hire? As our focus has turned toward our sympathy for Ross, the human being, we may have forgotten what we originally supported: The idea of a free market pioneer, morally true, despite and even because of complete disregard for the law.

Okay, so suppose we’re willing to forgive Mark the transgressions from MtGox, and not hold it against him in his capacity as the DPR. Suppose the murder-for-hire charge doesn’t apply to him, either. Or maybe he wasn’t the DPR in the first place. In that case, we still don’t have such a cause to celebrate this latest move from Ross’ defense team. It just transferred most of the heat from one innocent man to another. But it’s even worse than that, because now, Ross, our libertarian folk hero, the one who still started the Silk Road, is in fact a snitch who just fingered an innocent man, possibly the heroic real Dread Pirate Roberts. This is not at all to say that I wouldn’t forgive Ross for doing so, nor that I wouldn’t do the same thing under the circumstances. However it does hurt our cause for having supported him in our ideological capacity, and taint the minor hero status that he’d still earned for starting the site and running it a few months. At the very least it may send a mixed message if we continue to support Ross under this favorable view of Mark.

I suppose the best possible outcome, from a libertarian stance, is that Ross knows Mark had nothing to do with Silk Road and the Feds have nothing on him, but Ross’s defense team still uses him to create enough reasonable doubt to set Ross free. Seems a bit of a long shot, though. But really, this is not a great situation in liberty land.

7 thoughts on “Dread Pirate Roberts Supporters Thrown for a Moral Loop

  1. Sounds like you’re saying liberty people would support Ross even if he was ACTUALLY guilty of murder-for-hire. The lack of evidence surrounding these claims is what makes them so ridiculous and questionable, not the fact that his role in ending the drug war makes him to be a probably a good guy. It’s obvious the feds are making an example of Ross and so far it seems the murder-for-hire claims are part of that. I would not support Ross if those claims were true, which if they were, they wouldn’t have been dropped.

    Regardless if Karpeles is DPR or not, he’s still a jackass and if he can take the heat off of Ross, seems like a win-win. If Karpeles kept Silk Road up, that’s cool… doesn’t mean he’s not a jackass, though.

    1. I did not mean to imply I would support Ross if he were guilty of murder. Glad you clarified that you wouldn’t either. However, part of my point is that it would be cause for disappointment if Silk Road were actually run by a bad person. Makes you wonder about whether to support the next Silk Road. Though, I guess you could say, you support the institution, acknowledging that the people in charge could be jerks.

    2. Oh, I read “would” as “should”. No, I don’t really think I believe that liberty people would have supported Ross even if he were guilty of murder (though I did read a fair amount of rationalization on message boards, of it not actually being murder, even if it were true). However, I do think that him being guilty of murder is something we wouldn’t want to accept, because of what it would do to the hero status of DPR. So, since there’s some reasonable doubt, the defensiveness I cited in the article would lead to erring on the side of denying it.

      I feel like (and I say “feel” because this really is just based on intuition) the difference here is that people knew who Mark was, and already had a negative impression of him, so it wasn’t hard to see him as a villain despite being DPR. So in this article, I’m just trying to pull it together and point out that we’re actually now facing with Mark-as-DPR, that which we wouldn’t have wanted to accept before about Ross-as-DPR.

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