Mar 202014

We hear a lot about the technical side of Bitcoin, and while that is always fascinating, there are philosophical aspects to it that are intriguing. Chris Ellis of Feathercoin asked me to join him in a discussion about peace, philosophy, and how Bitcoin relates to these topics. We covered a lot of ground in this talk with everything from peace to police brutality and even some panarchism thrown in there. Due to the controls on Hangouts on Air, only my screen was selected for viewing, so Tom of Mad Bitcoins! and The Bitcoin Group generously made an audio version so you don’t have to watch me taking water breaks as Chris talks.

You can listen to the whole talk here:

***Update: Chris added some annotations and re-did the video. Check it out:


Here’s the Norman Rockwell painting we discussed:

Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Fear

Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Fear

Here are more links relevant to our conversation that Chris sent me:

Heidegger on being and time.

The book Chris quotes from is Temporal Idealism by Bill Blattner.

The Bhagavad Gita was also mentioned.

Metaphysics of Peace:

Essays on finding Inner Peace:

Difficult Conversations:

The Harvard Negotiation Project.

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