The End of #HoodieTheHomeless… for now

The last day of hoodie distribution for 2013 was December 22nd, although technically the last hoodie was given out on the 23rd, as I’ll explain. Tom from Mad Bitcoins joined me again,  this time with two gentlemen from his sponsor AlphaLion Technologies. We were also joined by Teresa Warmke from Fr33Aid and her two daughters. Together […]

First Day #HoodieTheHomeless Distribution

Since September, Bitcoin Not Bombs has been fund raising for our #HoodieTheHomeless campaign, which is an entirely Bitcoin project. The fundraising is being done in Bitcoin, and the hoodies are being purchased with Bitcoin. No war dollars are exchanging hands. With the help of,, Amagi Metals,, Mass Appeal Inc, and the generosity of nearly 50 […]

#HoodieTheHomeless Enters Phase Two

Bitcoin is up! I bet it’s burning a digital hole in your encrypted pocket. Consider buying a Bitcoin Not Bombs hoodie or tshirt for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. Each purchase is priced to cover the cost of a hoodie for a homeless person this Winter. Here’s the details. is awesome!

  I hate banks. I abandoned my Chase account in a scheduled bank run at the height of the Occupy Movement and I haven’t set foot in a bank since. So, when I heard people talking about buying Bitcoin by making cash deposits in a bank I lacked enthusiasm. But then I tried it.