FreeSpeechMe Makes Namecoin a Game Changer

While regulators scramble to deal with bitcoin as a currency, the altcoins march on. They don’t realize that the advent of bitcoin was not the launch of one digital currency, or even ten. It was the launch of a completely new technology. The blockchain was born, which is far more revolutionary than bitcoin itself. When […]

The Bitcoin Group!

The Bitcoin Group is a production of  blogger and youtuber MadBitcoins. A play off of the popular evening news program The McLaughlin Group this half hour video is streamed live every friday afternoon at about 3 or 4pm PST. Host Thomas Hunt is joined by 3 panelist discussing current events and news stories in the […]

World’s First! Russian watch manufacturer to accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin Not Bombs, in our role as the world’s first Bitcoin firsts adjudication committee, takes upon ourselves to let you know when milestones are achieved in the Bitcoin economy. Well now the Russian watch factory, Raketa, is claiming to be the first watch factory in the world to accept Bitcoin. Add that to the Satoshi […]