- Poet, fire dancer, activist. Office manager at Roberts & Roberts Brokerage and a part time agorist, Meghan is committed to building bridges with a variety of activists and approaches to creating a freer world. When she’s not busy expressing her own freedom through spoken word poetry or fire dance, she educates others about the effectiveness of Agorism/usage of cryptocurrencies as a way to redistribute power back into the hands of the people.

Oct 102014
War is Some Bad S#!% with Angela Keaton and Scott Horton

Angela Keaton of sits down in a event with Scott Horton from The Scott Horton Show to discuss how the foreign policy of the U.S. is tragically flawed and how war is some seriously bad shit. It’s a refreshingly frank interview packed with information. Angela will be speaking at the upcoming Libertopia festival in San Diego and Scott does a regular radio show with intriguing interviews on war and foreign policy. In reflection […]

Sep 092014
Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom

September 2014 M.K. Lords FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom  (ORLANDO, FL) The College Crypto Network has teamed up with Jason King of Sean’s Outpost and M.K. Lords of Bitcoin Not Bombs to bring the exciting world of bitcoin to the happiest place on earth—Disney World. Coins in the Kingdom will be a two day bitcoin conference in Orlando, FL on October 4th […]

Sep 042014
On the CoIntellect Cloudhashing Scam and the Currency of Reputation

My friend Nathan Wosnack of uBITquity recently got in touch with me to alert the community of a potential scammer. The cloudhashing site CoIntellect was going to hire him to explore a bug in their software that clients were complaining stole Bitcoin and Dogecoin from users who downloaded it. As he was researching, he discovered several sources claiming that CoIntellect was scamming people and concluded that the Estonia based company was indeed stealing coins from people. […]

Aug 132014
The Declaration of Bitcoin's Independence

I’d like to introduce our readers to the talented and radical Julia Tourianski, also known as Brave the World. Julia will be submitting content occasionally and this is her debut video for Bitcoin Not Bombs. Her Youtube channel features some amazing videos and interviews and she worked extremely hard to put this video together. The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence video features the brightest and most outspoken names in Bitcoin many of which openly identify as […]

Aug 072014
Intergalactic BitLicense; We can laminate stuff too!

Bitcoin Not Bombs is getting compliant and now so can you! After seeing a market demand for compliance and BitLicenses, Bitcoin Not Bombs has opened up shop on New New York, Mars as BitLicenseLLC and is now issuing Intergalactic BitLicenses. We’re all wracked with anticipation as benevolent regulators devise new ways to protect us. So, we wanted our licenses to cover the broadest geographic area possible to ensure that you feel safe and compliant no […]