Ben Saylor

Music educator, composer, homebrewer of extreme beers, and Bitcoin enthusiast. Along with his wife and two children, Ben resides in an apartment in Western Pennsylvania that smells of rich mahogany and houses many leather-bound books. When he isn't tickling the ivories or conjuring off-centered ales, he spends his time spreading the word about all things crypto on Ben's stated mission is to engage technological laymen like himself and promote the benefits of Bitcoin in a way that is accessible to anyone. His backup mission is to eradicate the world of light beers.

Sep 152014
Who is Satoshi Nakamoto – Part I & II

The article was originally published at Author Ben Saylor has joined our growing list of contributors and we will be running some of his older posts here. This two part blog is very timely with the recent news of Satoshi’s old email account being hacked. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto – Part I In 2008, someone using the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” published a paper proposing a new kind of digital currency that uses cryptography for security and […]

Sep 012014
Cold Storage: Brain Wallets – Security Methods Part III

Brain wallets are one of the most futuristic methods for securing bitcoin. They seem like the kind of thing that will be plot devices of heist movies in the future. They are very real but very risky especially if you have a lot of bitcoins in them. That being said, it can be super fun to have a brain wallet with just a little money. A brain wallet is a Bitcoin address whose private key doesn’t […]