Another Gun In the Room

This is an open source song writing project. I’ve written some lyrics, and now I’m releasing them out into the wild. If you’re musically inclined please feel free to put them to music. Change the words if you like. Do whatever you want. I’ve done all I can, so someone else has got to finish […]

FreeSpeechMe Makes Namecoin a Game Changer

While regulators scramble to deal with bitcoin as a currency, the altcoins march on. They don’t realize that the advent of bitcoin was not the launch of one digital currency, or even ten. It was the launch of a completely new technology. The blockchain was born, which is far more revolutionary than bitcoin itself. When […]

The End of #HoodieTheHomeless… for now

The last day of hoodie distribution for 2013 was December 22nd, although technically the last hoodie was given out on the 23rd, as I’ll explain. Tom from Mad Bitcoins joined me again,  this time with two gentlemen from his sponsor AlphaLion Technologies. We were also joined by Teresa Warmke from Fr33Aid and her two daughters. Together […]