- Writer, artist, merchant, and speaker but more importantly an advocate of peace, independence and liberation from the State. A street activist in both the Tea Party and Occupy Movement, Davi has rejected the W2 9-to-5 world in favor of full time Agorism. He is also the editor of DailyAnarchist.com, the proprietor of ShinyBadges.com, a marketing agent for SilverCircleMovie.com and the assistant director of Muslims4Liberty.org.

Jul 132015
Nobody Wins Porcfest

Every year at Porcfest we seem to grow. This year we actually spilled over into a second vending site. On one site we had the Metalith, a vending machine equipped to receive and dispense bitcoin. On the second site we had the Voting Machine, a retrofitted slot machine intended as performance art to demonstrate that voting is gambling. The Metalith was a site to see, especially at night. The machine rested in a clearing on […]

May 122015
Send Nobody to #PorcFestXII

Time for libertarian summer camp, Porcfest XII! This year Bitcoin Not Bombs is holding a #NobodyPrimary and will be selling the shirt below along with yard signs and bumper stickers from some of our favorite 2016 presidential candidates. Nobody is the ideal candidate! Nobody tells the truth, Nobody will fix the economy, and Nobody will stop the wars. Vote early and vote often. This shirt is now for sale as a pre-order for anyone who […]

Oct 202014
CryptoThrift's "Important Announcement" And My Response

I received an “Important Announcement” from the CryptoThrift team regarding their recent problem with people “making sales outside of CryptoThrift.” That has always struck me as a strange rule for peer-to-peer e-commerce sites. You can send each other messages, but you can’t use that message system to resolve your transactions among yourselves. I get it. It’s about fees, and it’s in the Terms and Conditions of every site I’ve ever used, but I’m always wondered […]

Jul 092014
MIT Thinks They Are 'The World's First Bitcoin Economy.' ROFL

An article recently came across my desk titled, “MIT is about to become the world’s first Bitcoin economy” from VentureBeat. They also said, “MIT soon to be Bitcointopia.” The article is from April, but as the world’s first Bitcoin world’s first officiating committee, Bitcoin Not Bombs could not let this claim stand.

Feb 242014
The TSA "saw" my Bitcoin and wanted to count it

It seems like every NH Liberty Forum I have a post about my interaction with the TSA while flying home. In 2012 I was even declared Rebel of the Week by Wesley Messamore from the Silver Underground for my cool but assertive approach. But this year has proven to be the most frightening, as well as the most cautionary for the Bitcoin community.