Who Will Build the Roads? You Tell Us.

We don’t live in a libertarian world, so when we talk to people about libertarianism we often have to appeal to their imagination. This is particularly true when it comes to fringe issues like roads, dispute resolution, and security. People could do this. People would have the incentive to do that. We may be convinced, […]

Dread Pirate Roberts Supporters Thrown for a Moral Loop

The radical libertarian world was just hit with a bombshell revelation the other day. Previously, the defense team of Ross Ulbricht surprised us by admitting that Ross was the originator of Silk Road, however they claim that Ross left the position after only a few months, handing it off to another entity. This “real” Dread […]

Non-monetary uses won’t save Bitcoin…yet

I’ve spent a lot of my Bitcoin hater energy taking on explanations of how bitcoin is supposed to sustain its value despite having no use other than as a monetary instrument. But others will point out that one can, in fact, do other things with the Bitcoin system other than trade. This is good; I […]

On the nature of subjectivity in value

Hello Bitcoin lovers, it’s your resident hater. How’ve you been? I’ve been good, but I’ve been slacking for some time, so I’m back with another article. I’d like to start this one off with a story. So it’s 2006, and I’m sitting at a bar having a drink with Peter Schiff. We get to talking […]

Bitcoin, the Greater Fool’s Gold

In a recent blog post, Bob Murphy succinctly asks a question that seems to get at the heart of the disagreements between Bitcoin proponents, and Bitcoin haters like me: There are people claiming that Bitcoin’s non-monetary price is zero, and hence if it’s trading for anything at all, it is in a bubble. But by […]