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Chris Pacia has been studying (and has continued to study) economics and political philosophy in his spare time for about 10 years. Formally, he has studied finance and marketing at Rutgers University (MBA). Chris is a Bitcoin Enthusiast and privacy Advocate. His writings and insight have been published on, FreedomsPhoenix eZine and You can find more of his writing at Escape Velocity. Tips Welcome at

Sep 082014
Sigsafe: The Future of Wallet Security?

Today on Reddit we saw a demo video of product called Sigsafe ― a small NFC tag containing a private key that can be used to sign transactions. As a developer in the wallet security space I figured I’d take a chance to talk about my first impressions and maybe compare it to the project I’m working on. Better than a hardware wallet? I have to admit the concept is pretty cool. An NFC tag […]

Sep 052014
Using OneName for Bitcoin Addresses

If you’ve been paying attention to the Bitcoin space recently you’ve noticed the start of trend to swap out Bitcoin Addresses in the user interface with human readable identities using a decentralized key store (such as Namecoin). The first wallet to implement this (at least that I’m aware of) was RushWallet. I recently put out a video showing off a wallet I’ve been working on with Alon Muroch which more or less does the same […]

Aug 112014
Cloud Mining and Network Centralization Explained

This post is a follow up to my Bitcoin Mining 101 post where I covered mining basics. Here I’m going to talk about a few more topics related to mining, most of which have an impact on network centralization and scalability. Those of you who have no plans to start mining should still find this post relevant to the future of bitcoin. Cloud Mining In part one I talked about pooled mining and how it […]

Jun 132014
Bitcoin Mining 101

Whenever I introduce new people to Bitcoin I tend to get asked quite a few questions about mining. What is it? Can anyone mine Bitcoin? What do I have to do to get started mining? Etc. In the next couple blog posts I’m going to answer these questions and hopefully give a fairly comprehensive intro to Bitcoin mining. Even if you don’t plan on mining yourself, chances are you’ll still come away with a good […]

Mar 202014
Beginners' Guide To Off-the-Record Messaging

This is a sequel to my earlier post Beginners’ Guide to PGP which was the first in a series of posts aimed at introducing new bitcoiners to various encryption technologies. In this post we’re going to teach you how to use Off-the-Record messaging (OTR). So what is OTR? Like PGP, it’s a cryptographic protocol designed to provide strong encryption of your communications. However, it shouldn’t be considered a competitor or replacement for PGP, more like […]

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