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If you ordered a shirt or hoodie we will be contacting you about your size preference soon. Our next line of printing will be done shortly after Bitcoin Friday and Cyber Monday. Shipments expected to start in early december.

Shot glasses and lapel pins from  ship with in 72 hours.

We are grateful of all the international orders we have received in the past and will now be sending a shipping receipt and asking the buyer to cover additional costs.

The #Hoodie The Homeless campaign is sponsored in part by, and, We would also like to thank a growing list of 67 other individuals who helped make this project a success.

Again, Thank you.


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Welcome to our shop! Items below ship within 48-72 hours. We are still trying to come up with a better way to deal with international orders. Free US shipping only.

ShotglassSatoshi Bomber Shot Glass – Who says Bitcoin investing and alcohol don’t mix?! The Satoshi Bomber is best served in cold storage and perfect after a long day of watching the price swings too closely. Limited supply. $10
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BitcoinNotBombs Quick Start Guide, Honey Badger style!

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BitcoinNotBombs Guia de Inicio Rapido (Spanish)

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Bitcoin Lapel Pin $10Pay With Bitcoin Bitcoin Bomber Pin $10Pay With Bitcoin

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  1. Hey! The topmost twitter icon points to

  2. Hey guys! You should help spread the word about your cause by opening a store on! There are many buyers there that are looking new for products to purchase.

    • Thanks, I have a store on your site, Im selling the BitMit Sticker and some of the Shinny badges pins, nothing has sold yet, but Im open to using it for BNB after we finish the first round of shirts.