Plane-pin-bomber We are a launching pad for NGOs and social entrepreneurs who wish to enter into the financial freedom of the Bitcoin economy.

We offer premium publicity campaigns designed to facilitate an organization’s adoption of Bitcoin as a payment system, and to fully capitalize on that decision in their fund raising efforts. Bitcoin Not Bombs is fully committed to being the hub of the nonprofit sector of the Bitcoin economy, maximizing the potential cross promotion of all our clients and commercial partners.

Meet the team:

DaviDavi Barker – Launch Navigator

 - Writer, artist, merchant, and speaker but more importantly an advocate of peace, independence and liberation from the State. A street activist in both the Tea Party and Occupy Movement, Davi has rejected the W2 9-to-5 world in favor of full time Agorism. He is also the editor of, the proprietor of, a marketing agent for and the assistant director of T: @MuslimAgorist

M.K. Lords - Editor  MK-Lords

- Poet, fire dancer, activist. Office manager at Roberts & Roberts Brokerage and a part time agorist, Meghan is committed to building bridges with a variety of activists to create a freer world. When she’s not busy expressing her own freedom through spoken word poetry or fire dance, she is busy educating others about the effectiveness of counter-economics as a way to redistribute power back into the hands of the people. Her articles have been featured in Bitcoin Magazine, Freedom’s Phoenix, and Attack the System. You can read her other ramblings here. T: @mklords



Drew Phillips – Launch Aviator

 - Activist, entrepreneur, freelance Videographer/Editor. Having been involved with a few alternative currency models revolving around silver and gold, it wasn’t hard to see bitcoin’s potential to challenge state run banking.  After looking around the bitcoin space for a place to jump in, it made sense to start a coalition of bitcoin users with a Voluntaryist/libertarian perspective. Bitcoin will face many challenges in the next few years if it is to become a successful global currency, and due to the decentralized nature of the bitcoin protocol, it has the potential to overcome the biggest and most violent challenge faced by alternative currencies: the state. T: @BitcoinNotBombs

              - Chris – Technology Writer    T: @ChrisPacia
              - Dan – Bitcoin H-A-T-E-R   T: @orblivion
              – Ross – man of international mystery   T: @Marcomannic

Above all we are marketing agents for Agorism and Liberty. We promote free markets and a voluntary society. We gladly accept general donations to work towards those ends. We would also be happy to accept silver and gold but we prefer that you don’t send US War Dollars.



We accept Litecoin donations here and would also be happy to experiment with your favorite Altcoin on

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